ivtools technical info

ivtools is a collection of C++ frameworks for developing custom drawing editors and spatial data servers that incorporates InterViews 3.1 and Unidraw (from Stanford and Silicon Graphics). Here is an overview of the layered frameworks of ivtools. The following is a list of libraries that comprise ivtools, most of them with more information available on-line:

  • Libraries
  • Sample Programs   /   Applications

    ivtools makes use of:

  • clippoly polygon intersection software from Klamer Schutte
  • ACE framework for middleware mechanisms.

    Here is the InterViews ftp site at Stanford , where you can get a wide variety of documentation and example source code, notably papers on Unidraw, structured graphics, and glyphs. Here are local copies for your convenience (Unidraw/structured graphics/glyphs). Here is info on X Windows.