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ivmaps was renamed vhclmaps at release 0.7 after being merged with vhclserv

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Linux binaries and sample map data available for vhclmaps-0.7 (March 25th 1999)
vhclmaps-0.7.5 at Vectaport   or   SourceForge   (June 14th 2000),
vhclmaps-0.7.4 at Vectaport   or   SourceForge   (January 31st 2000),
vhclmaps-0.7.3.tgz   (June 14th 1999), diffs between 0.7.2 and 0.7.3
vhclmaps-0.7.2.tgz   (May 3rd 1999), diffs between 0.7.1 and 0.7.2
Still need this fix to make the configure work smoothly.
vhclmaps-0.7.1.tgz   (Apr. 16th 1999), diffs between 0.7 and 0.7.1
vhclmaps-0.7.tgz     builds on ivtools-0.7.5

vhclmaps (formerly ivmaps and vhclserv) is a package of map viewers and spatial data servers that work with map databases like these from the USGS:

  • Digital Chart of the World Edition 1 (DCW) (in Vector Product Format [VPF])
  • Digital Line Graphs (DLG) 1:2M and 1:100K scale
  • Digital Elevation Models (DEM) 1 degree (1:250K) and 7.5 minute (1:24K)
  • programs

  • Map Viewer Page
  • Map Server Page
  • Map Viewers as Web Browser Helper Apps
  • getting vhclmaps

  • Source, Binaries, Sample data
  • Build-from-source Instructions
  • SourceForge CVS
  • more info

  • SourceForge Project Page
  • Mailing Lists
  • Bug Tracking
  • vhclmaps FAQ
  • Map Database Framework
  • Class Library info
  • more technical info

  • vhclmaps map viewers vpfviewer dlgviewer demviewer utmviewer

    How to configure a web browser to launch map viewers as helper apps

    vehicle simulation server
    [ vhclserv ]

    vhclmaps uses these C++ frameworks for drawing editors, 3d visualization, and network programming:
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    and these libraries for cartographic projection, polygon intersection algorithms, and 3D graphics:
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    vhclmaps is supported by Vectaport Inc., IET Inc., and SourceForge at VA Linux

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